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Cyber Security and Digital Asset Protection for All.

The SecureUp Advantage

We work collaboratively, based on each unique customer environment in four different areas.

  1. Fast and effective ONBOARDING.
  2. Business context specific rules, playbooks, dashboards and reports for OPERATIONS.
  3. AUTOMATION of threat detection, notification, analysis, and response.
  4. CONSULTING to provide supplemental security advisory services.

24/7 Monitoring

Our services and projects are closely managed and monitored with relevant and actionable metrics.

Security breaches are on the rise.

Use SecureUp to build out a cybersecurity solution for your business that will save you time and decrease your threat levels.

350,000 new malicious programs released per day

SecureUp provides 24/7 monitoring because we know it’s not about IF a business will be attacked, but WHEN it will happen. While no solution can guarantee there will never be a breach, a SOC operating 24/7 with the proper skills and tooling can quickly detect and manage Known and Zero Day threats.

Source:AV-Test, 2019

Our services

Fast, Effective and Comprehensive Onboarding designed around

Managed Threat Monitoring and Response

We monitor and respond to any potential threats against your network. SecureUP will notify you of verified threats and resolve or assist in mitigation.

Security Advisory Services

Conduct security audits and assessments and provide feedback as information is identified. We also provide compliance reports for regulated industries.

How we keep you secure

Customized Approach for Each Customer

Fast and effective onboarding. Business context specific rules and playbooks. Meaningful dashboards and reporting. Automated Threat Detection, Notifications, Analysis, Response, and Prevention.

Data Based Management

All onboarding, operations, audits and assessments are closely monitored with relevant and actionable metrics.

Let's talk about your security needs.

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SecureUp believes that every organization should have access to world class security tools and services and we’re hard at work creating a company to do just that.

Managed Detection and Response Pricing

Simple and transparent monthly pricing tiers for Cloud and On Premises environments


$ 2,500 Monthly
  • Up to 4 environments*

    Up to 250 GB of event storage


$ 4,000 Monthly
  • 5-9 environments

    250 GB to 500 GB of event storage


$ 6,000 Monthly
  • 10-14 environments

    500 GB to 1 TB of event storage

Large Enterprise

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  • 14+ environments

    More than 1 TB of event storage

*An environment is considered to be a single AWS or Azure environment, or a single physical office or data center environment.