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Cyber Security and Digital Asset Protection for Startups to State Governments

Premium security solutions at an affordable price.

SecureUp, a Sondhi Solutions company, is the first platform to provide the latest in cyber security solutions to companies that may have not been able to afford protection before.

Based on almost a decade of enterprise-level security and support, we have engineered an affordable, personalized, and scalable solution to protect your digital infrastructure.

Our services

Simple Setup & Comprehensive Monitoring

Personalized Planning

Our industry-agnostic process will provide everything you need to protect your infrastructure - and your budget.

Reporting & Tracking

SecureUP provides detailed analytics and real-time metrics of your network in an easy-to-use dashboard. No need to be an IT guru. We've got you covered.

Threat Response

We monitor and respond to any potential threats against your network. SecureUP will notify you of potential incidents and resolve or assist in mitigating any risk.

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